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Of all the wonders of creation, perhaps the one thing that Guernsey is not able to boast of, is wild animals. Well, certainly not when it comes to ferocious land beasts. When Sarah and I first heard a “ticking sound” in our lovely guernsey cottage this Summer, we knew that it wasn’t a poisonous snake or strong jawed lion tapping at the window, but we became aware that some kind of creature had taken up residence in our home. As we tried to find out what it was, it was actually suggested to us that it was a ghost, or more realistically, a wood boring beetle. Now, of course it wasn’t a ghost. As a brief side note, as some would make light of such things this October, let’s remember that the spiritual realm is very real and not to be fooled with, but ghost stories are rooted in demonic fear-mongering and not in Biblical truths. As others celebrate Halloween, let’s celebrate that Christ is King over every realm, (1 Timothy 6:15).

While not a ghost, there was a real possibility that the noise in our home was being made by a particular wood boring creature that can cause significant damage to old buildings, even causing them to collapse. After plenty of research and time spent following the sound, we eventually discovered that it wasn’t a wood borer at all. In fact, the sound was coming from a tiny creature called a Psocid. Psocids are harmless to buildings, and come into homes where there are old books and a high level of dampness. A new humidifier seems to have solved the problem.

1 Peter 5 tells us that we should be sober-minded and watchful because we have an adversary (the devil) who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. As Christians, it should be no surprise to us if we experience all sorts of “ticking noises” in this life, and they can be a real source of anxiety. If we are truly Christian, we are fiercely hated and opposed by the devil. Yet, just as the ticking noise in our house turned out to be a tiny creature, this roaring lion shrinks to the size of a scrawny ally cat in comparison to the Great Lion of Judah—Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, even in moments of fierce adversary, let’s be a people who cast all our anxieties on Him, because He cares for us, (1 Peter 5:7). Take heart, because in Him we will indeed prevail until the end.

One in Christ
Pastor Simon

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