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NLC Kids.

We are a family friendly church with a great love for our children, where they are considered fully a part of our community and always welcome. Parents are welcome to have their babies and children with them in our services, if they’d prefer. We also have a breastfeeding friendly playroom available for parents and babies for use during the service if they need a quieter space.

For children ready to join one of our children’s ministry groups, we have three groups available, divided by age and led by safeguarding approved volunteers.

Infants - This group is designed for preschool, reception, and year 1 and 2 (up to 7 years old). Our infants group focuses on building familiarity with the major stories from the Bible and how each of them point us to Jesus. We do this through sensory and tactile storytelling, with a big focus on learning through play.

Juniors - This group covers the rest of primary school, up to age 11. Here we focus on building a strong foundation of biblical literacy and a solid understanding of the gospel.

High School - This group is aimed at those from 11 years old up until they are ready to fully participate in our regular church service. It is relationally focused and informal discussion based, giving our teens space to explore what they believe, think through how faith shapes their life, build confidence with understanding the Bible, and ask questions about Christianity.

Along with our regular groups, occasionally we have family services where the children and teenagers stay in with their parents for the whole service (for example on Easter and Christmas) which gives us an opportunity as a church to worship together. We also have Little Gems - a baby and toddlers group that meets on Thursday mornings during term time. Please do get in touch to find out more.


At NLC, we don’t believe that children are the church of tomorrow. We believe that they are part of the church of today.

New Life Church © 2024.

New Life Church © 2024.