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JUNE 2024.

Summer is a heart-warming time of year. Not only are our days brightened by the longer days, but bright and fragrant flowers bring joy to our hearts through our senses. The Bible says that humans are like flowers that flourish in the summer (e.g. Psalm 103). To flourish like a summer flower and to enjoy the beautiful flourishing of others is a good thing. On the other hand, neither our own flourishing nor the flourishing of others should draw our attention away from the One who enables our flourishing. Psalm 103 goes on to remind us that a mere breath of wind is needed to bring an end to the days of the flowers of the field. What will not pass away however, is the eternal and steadfast love of the LORD towards His children. Therefore whether we are currently flourishing like the summer flowers or fading like the winter sky, we can trust in His eternal grace in every season. When we grasp this truth, Summer flowers still warm our hearts, but even in the Winter time, we are warmed by the song of hope. As we often sing,

Days of darkness still come o'er me, Sorrow's paths I often tread, But the Saviour still is with me; By His hand I'm safely led.

Although it is right for us to enjoy the brightly coloured flowers this June, the cool of winter will come again and the flowers of the field will be no more. Likewise, it is good for us to enjoy the good things of this life, but we do well to remember that the good things in this life are temporary. This June and always, let’s be a people who put our trust in the One whose glory will never perish or fade.

One in Christ
Pastor Simon

New Life Church © 2024.

New Life Church © 2024.