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What We Believe


Jesus Christ: We are a Christian Church
Jesus is central to all we do and through Him we have a relationship with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.


The Bible: We are a Bible based Church
We are committed to the Bible as the Word of God and our final authority for the way we live and walk.


The Holy Spirit: We are a Spirit-filled Church
We believe that each Christian should walk and live in the power of the Spirit, producing fruit and developing gifts to benefit others.


Discipleship: We are a Maturing (Discipleship) Church
Our goal is to help each other grow in our faith and become more like Jesus.


Prayer: We are a Praying Church
Prayer changes things and we are called to pray for each other, for our community, our Island and the world.


Worship: We are a Worshiping Church
Our goal is to express our adoration and devotion to God through joyful praise and intimate worship.


Relationships: We are a Loving Church
Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome and to develop loving relationships so that each person is valued, accepted and have a sense of belonging.


Servants: We are a Serving Church
Our goal is to see every person develop their God-given gifts and abilities and use them to serve others.


Outreach: We are an Evangelistic Church
Our goal is to reach out to lost people and to share God’s love through mission.


Relevance: We are a Contemporary Church
Our goal is to present the message of Christ in a way that is meaningful and relevant to all who attend.


Diversity: We are a Unified Church
Our goal is to develop a spirit of love and unity in Christ.

Excellence: We are a Quality Church

Our goal is always to bring glory to God in everything we do.

Transformation: We are a Transforming Church

Our goal is to not remain the way we are but to allow God to transform us by His love to become the people He wants us to be.